๐Ÿฅฉ$ETF staking

Stake your $ETF, and purchase ETF Futures (Bonds)

Mechanics of Staking:

Stake and Earn: Stake $ETF to earn additional $ETF.

Protection: Principal ETF is safeguarded against debase while in the ETH Future.

Unstaking Rules: A 24 hour unstaking timer is in place. Shall the staker choose to unstake, they forfeit their reward and 100% is burned in the benefit of other stakers.

Claiming Rewards: Claiming rewards resets the 2-day unstaking timer, a balance between earnings and staking commitment.

Compounding: Holders have the unique option to compound their earned ETF back into the staking plan to increase their share in the treasury.

Growing ETF Value, Earning in USDC: In Phase 2, $ETF emissions reduce, $ETH dividends begin. As $ETF value grows, loyal stakers enjoy stable USDC earnings. Top treasury stakeholders earn the most in ETHTrustFund $ETF.

Tip for the stakers

Every time you claim rewards or a bond, you trigger the debase function that reduces the balance of all short-term flippers You should claim and compound rewards as often as possible to debase flippers and increase your share in the treasury

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