1. Expansion

Capital Attraction and Protocol Bootstrapping: The ETHTrustFund's $ETF Bond Strategy

At our first stage, we want to attract capital and bootstrap the protocol.

To do this we will incentivize bonding of ETHTrustFund's $ETF Bond with incentives from a staking pool, ETHTrustFund's very own ETF Packages. Therefore, achieving a high APY for stakers at first. The debase rate will be slightly lower than the inflationary during this period. Staking rewards will be at 100% $ETF emissions.

ETHTrustFund's ETF Bonds will be vested and be claimable after 5 days. Bonds can be issued at a lower cost than the market price and be an arbitrage opportunity.

We will introduce a 2-choice withdrawal mechanic for the $ETF staking pool:

Note: instant, a penalty of 10%. Slow 48 hours, no withdrawal penalty.

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