๐Ÿ›žThe SSS Flywheel

Unlocking Sustainable Growth: The Dynamics of the SSS Flywheel

The Mechanics of the SSS Flywheel ๐ŸŽก

=> As a result, the discount for bonding will become more attractive for bonders which will attract bonds and raise our treasury. During the bonds, the same circulating supply will be reduced at the same rate via rebase.

As a result, stakers can stake and earn without worrying about their shares being diluted by bonders.

With this, we are essentially creating an infinite loop that makes the supply neutral to deflationary while growing our treasury and rfv over time. As a result, the intrinsic value of the token will continue to increase and increase.

Hold vs. Hold/ Unstake Early: (-2/-1,-2/-1) Both suffer due to a price war.

Stake vs. Unstake (Post Consolidation): P(A) gains more (+2) from the staking pool and subsequent redemption, while P(B) also benefits (+1) from increase between entry & exit RFV.

Unstake (Early) vs. Stake: P(A) Sold for quick profit compared to potential gains (-1), but P(B) gains more (+2) from increased debasing rate due to P(A) selling into LP.

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