Syncus DAO solutions

“SYNC will fully capture the value of the attention the token garners, creating a flywheel effect similar to that of OlympusDAO, only this time it is a more sustainable one:

High yield -> More demand -> Volume -> Treasury growth -> More yield -> More demand.

While Olympus’s flywheel effect halts at more demand, as this does not equate to more demand for bonds, Syncus continues as more demand automatically means the treasury grows. This makes it far more effective than Olympus' systems –which at its height had $4 billion in market capitalization– to guarantee that each token has actual worth. To put it simply, we employ taxation revenue to replace Olympus’ bonds to ensure that the treasury develops sustainably and does not artificially lower the token price to let third parties extract value.”

However, this is just a temporary solution that leads to short-term upside.