3. Exit Velocity

Final Stage Dynamics: $ETF Staking, Deflationary Mechanisms, and Strategic Expansion

The protocol enters the final and best state with a stacked treasury that prints sustainable revenue for $ETF stakers. On top, the debase mechanism and tax will make $ETF net deflationary and increase in net value. The flywheel will be in full effect as there is no longer token emissions and rewards will be 100% in $USDC.

New value drivers can emerge: strategic investments, treasury farming, yield farming, and blasts airdrops, along with native yield. Governance-led initiatives may unlock additional utility for the $ETF token

User Walkthrough

For users that bond and stake early, soon, through a borrowing program, similar to the now catching wind $YES protocol, holders will be able to use $ETF as collateral to borrow $ETH and $USDC.

The whole system is designed to tax those looking for a quick flip, transferring more intrinsic for loyal bonders and stakers of ETHTrustFund's $ETF. For those at the end, We achieve true Exit Velocity:

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